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Alex Becker introduces his course Elysium Program

Hey, what’s up? If you’re feeling this video right now, that means you’re new to release him and I’m going to show you how to get support. First off, make sure you know where everything is because you get lost and don’t have any support.

You’re gonna be pretty lost and that’s not how you get results. My goal here is to get you results. So watch this extremely boring tutorial like video. So look, here’s exactly where everything is in the bottom right hand corner of every page on here. There is a support button. This is not access to me in any way, shape or form. This is to get any help with billing issues or technical issues with your account. Like if you can’t log in on top of that, the logging information has been sent to your email address.

You can also always return here by going to Google and typing in hero training. Or you could just go to hero training. My job eCom or you can type in Alex Bekker hero training Google, whatever way you want to do it. It’s also linked to on market hero as well. So it’ll take you to a page. Looks like this. You can log in from there. There you go. If you have any issues, too, you can always go back to our home Web site, market hero DOT.

Just type in market hero and then ask for the training website. You can never get lost here. OK, now that being said, where do you start out to the war?

I always get these messed up on it from the voters. But to the right of me, the left of this video, he has started only see a mine video one. It’s the most important module, the entire course. If do not skip it, do not skip it. In fact, every other course or module in the course is locked because it’s that thing important. OK, and the rest, of course, will be drip fed to you because trust me, you need two months to really get this down.

You cannot do this in one week and you cannot do this skimming around. This took me nearly eight years to figure out you can’t figure this out scheme around now where all your bonuses. Let’s talk about that one. You’ve no business accessing your bonuses until you complete this course. You just don’t. But they are rebels video and they are very cool. When you finish this course, go get them market hero. You get that for three months by being in here.

What’s going to happen right now with that is it’s right below here. Don’t use until we actually get to the funnel building. There’s no need to even dig around it quite yet. Also, the Facebook group is linked to below this video. But I suggest you wait. So you get to the Facebook group description in the section to the right of me, the left of this video and can talk about the importance of Facebook group. That’s where everything is.

That’s where everything is. If you need to change your password, anything that counts and everything details is in the upper right hand corner right here. And if you have any questions, tag me in the Facebook group after you get to the Facebook group stuff in module 1, which is week 1. So I’ll see inside of there. Go there right now. Do not wait. Do not diddle around. That is most important thing. Did you watch the success video right now?

Immediately. All right. So I’ll see you right there.

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