Amy Porterfield - Digital Course Academy
Amy Porterfield - Digital Course Academy
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Advanced level Overview of Digital Course Academy

Digital Course Academy is definitely an program that is online aims to simply help creators turn their knowledge and expertise into an impactful and lucrative course that is online.

The program has been created by Amy Porterfield who is amongst the most names being popular the course industry that is online. She has over 12 many years of expertise in creating courses, with over $15 million bucks needless to say revenue to date.
The program breaks down the process that is entire of an system that is online into tiny, workable steps which helps pupils achieve small victories regularly.

The modules cover topics like exactly how exactly to validate your program idea and produce course content that is top-notch. Moreover, you shall learn how to launch a course through live and webinar that is evergreen.

Here’s a summary of what the scheduled system includes:

8 execution Modules showing you all you need to do so that you can turn you expertise as a training course that is profitable is digital.
A whole, step-by-step launch plan showing just how to create, deliver and fill your webinar that enrolls dozens, if maybe not a huge selection of pupils, every time you deliver it.
Next-level advertising with email, internet site, Facebook advertising, and media that are social to amplify their outcomes and get up to 3x the enrollments.

Digital Course Academy has a method that is training that is very hands-on is filled with practical exercises, templates, and detailed technical tutorials.

Let’s simply take a dive that is deeply the course articles and bonuses provided by the Digital Course Academy.


What’s Included in Digital Course Academy?

Module 1: Planning Your Digital Course Launch

The module that is first you can get more organized and intentional about the method that you plan the different stages of the course creation and launch process.

You obtain access to a planning worksheet, which provides a framework to help make the key decisions that are initial.

The module encourages you to definitely choose dates for the different phases along the way, including course creation, promotion, live webinar launch plus the course launch period.

Plus, you also get access to a course framework model that helps you intend the steps and processes for launching and creating your program.

Module 2: Validating Your Course Concept

Knowing who your customers that are ideal and just what they are seeking can genuinely make or break the prosperity of your online course. At the same time, most creators don’t learn how to approach this action in a fashion that is systematic.

This module provides a step by step process loaded with specific action items and workouts that are practical assistance you then become completely confident of your course idea.

So you get access to proven frameworks that help you define your consumer that is ideal core offering, and decide the sort of course you would like to generate.

Plus, you can get very tactics that are specific how to get feedback from your customers on social media and what questions you will need to question them.

Module 3: The creative art of Outlining Your program

In Amy Porterfield’s own words, her secret sauce for creating program that is online was her ability to really give attention to a complete outline before starting out.

In this module, Amy takes you through her process for converting ideas in your mind in to a outline that is organized. You’ll learn just how to turn your expertise into actionable advice and exercises which are practical.

Plus you get insights on where you should add supporting content and exercises, how content that is much include in your course, how to price your course, and choosing a title for your program, etc.

And you also may be sure that course took its advice that is very own really, as this module also comes packed with additional worksheets and supporting guides.

Module 4: Recording Your Course Content

Over the full years, i’ve frequently seen course creators going down a bunny hole and waste months while recording their course content. They opt for a recording that is wrong and fail to see the effort the whole procedure might take ahead of time.

Amy distills her many years of experience of recording courses that are online this module that will help you avoid these mistakes.

So, you learn about the type of recording strategy that is likely to work well for you. Plus, you get advice on what type of pc software and equipment you should choose, how to use these tools, along with tips for recording videos.

The module even throws in customizable templates for creating training decks for webinars and presentations that are training.

And lastly, this course module provides strategies for teaching in a real way that delivers results and sticks with your students.

Module 5: Producing Your Profitable Webinar Presentation

The course moves to another phase, where you find out how to launch your course through webinars with this module.

What you get with this module is nothing less than a precise blueprint that covers every single aspect of making a webinar that is lucrative.

To begin with, you learn the actual product sales you learn to craft an irresistible advertising pitch for the course funnel you might use to generate sales through a live webinar, plus.

In addition get access to training that is in-depth tips for creating a compelling webinar, including its technical put up.

Plus, you get several additional resources such as a walk-through regarding the webinar that is exact Amy makes use of on her courses, and a downloadable success tracker to track your webinar results, etc.

The module even enlists assistance from Ry Schwartz, an ace copywriter whom teaches you exactly how to publish the copy for your course sales page.

Module 6: The Webinar Fill-Up Framework

This module helps you learn to have prospective customers lining up to watch your webinar if the previous module dealt with how to develop a webinar.

The module explains how to create a converting webinar registration page that is high. Plus, you learn how to develop a e-mail that is persuasive, and arranged a sales funnel for welcoming potential customers to your webinar.

However, the most compelling element of this module is through several different ways that you will generate leads for your webinar that it takes you.

So you learn to use media which are social like Facebook and Instagram to build leads for your webinar. A training by Facebook advertisements expert, Rick Mulready which focuses on using FB Live to generate traffic for your webinar is also part of the module.

That being said, marketing and building an market is not the core focus with this program. And Amy Porterfield even advises that you should ideally have a e-mail that is little ready before joining this program.

Module 7: Just How To Increase Webinar Product Sales

This module is where you learn to just take your webinar sales strategy to the level that is next centering on webinar replay views.

Much of your customers that are prospective maybe not going to progress with all the webinar the extremely instant they subscribe. It’s going to need a nudge or two them, and also this module will show you the precise steps to attain precisely that before you can convert.

The module will help you craft the post-webinar that is perfect, which often should assist improve your webinar replay views and course product sales. Plus, you’ll learn how to set up the specific sales being post-webinar, such as the webinar replay web page.

Additionally, the module will also cover client email that is onboarding to help ease your web visitors into the course material.

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