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The Power of Passive Income

Imagine if you attract only one new customer each day , paying you $30 a month. After just 3 months, your recurring (aka residual) income will be:

Month 1 Income: $900.00

Month 2 Income: $1,800.00

Month 3 Income: $2,700.00

In just 12 months, you’ll be getting around $10,800.00 in cash – deposited directly into your checking account EVERY MONTH! In 2 years it gets incredibly exciting because because the number of members continues to grow, which will offer you around $21,600.00 a month, every month! That’s the facility of residual income, a.k.a. recurring, or passive income – they’re just different words to explain the effortless process of receiving ongoing payments for brand spanking new product or service offers your “members” invite.

The Membership Site Success System

Interestingly, when most of the people believe making money online, they imagine its diligence and difficult. And there’s always a ‘must have’ tool or course that promises to be a “one-click” wonder. You’ve probably been burned enough times to understand that isn’t true! the reality is, there’s some work involved up front, but it’s a system, it’s enjoyable, and you’ll feel great about what you’re accomplishing. I’ve often been asked the subsequent about creating a membership site…

  • Do i want to be a technical whiz?
  • Do i want to be an expert copywriter?
  • Do i want to find out many traffic techniques?
  • Do i want to understand any ‘gurus’?
  • Do i want to know search engines?
  • Do i want to spend money on advertising?

The answer to all or any these questions is, NO!

Why? Because if you’re taking action and follow the steps laid call at the Membership Site Success System, your success is guaranteed.

It’s 100% video based training, which you’re taking at your own pace. There are 12 modules, each with 3 or 4 sections, and you’ll learn everything from choosing a distinct segment , through to advanced member retention strategies. It’s risk-free, and 100% guaranteed. this might alright be a life changing opportunity for you. Let me repeat what we’re offering, because it’s vital for you to understand this.

Andrew Lock talks about his course Membership Site Success System

Hi, Andrew Lock here. Now, you’ve definitely made the right decision to invest in this system. Realistically, of course, it takes time to build any worthwhile business. It’s not a get rich quick scheme. Now, at the same time, I want to serve you by helping you recoup your investment as soon as possible. For that reason, this video is going to give you two ways to do that. All I ask of you is to have an open mind because it’s very easy to dismiss what I’m about to share with you.

So I have a positive attitude. Choose a method. Don’t overthink it. Just do it. Just do it. Let’s discuss these two methods, then. The first option is to sell some unwanted items on eBay. Now, I’ve spent a lot of time on eBay and I’ve discovered that every household has a lot of cash available in the form of unwanted items. And of course, eBay is a perfect marketplace in which to make those available and sell them for a profit.

So dig around, find items that you dont want or use any more. You should be able to find plenty of those, make a big pile of them and list them for sale on eBay. I did this myself recently and I collected together a bunch of items that I didn’t need. It was a major spring clean. And imagine my surprise when these unwanted items made me over three thousand dollars. I was shocked.

So please consider this method seriously. eBay is designed for non-technical computer users.

It guides you through the steps. If you haven’t used eBay before, rest assured that it is very straightforward. It is designed for non-technical computer users. And from the home page, you can either click up here where it says register or you can click down here where it says register as well. Just follow the steps. You’ll be asked to create a user name. Just enter your email address, your physical address and choose a user name and so on.

It’s a very straightforward it’s step by step process. And literally within minutes, you can be ready to sell on eBay. Within seven days, you can be actually making money. The second method is a training system that I created called the automatic a fairly IT army. And it teaches you how to make money from affiliate marketing without needing a Web site. Now, this is a video training.

It’s all done online. And this is something that I sell as a training course for two thousand dollars. So this is a gift to you. It’s $2000 worth of value. That is going to show you how to make money as an affiliate selling other people’s products without having a website. So you’ll see the process. You’ll understand it as you go through the training. And if you follow the steps in this training, then it can pay for or cover your investment for your for this training.

So, again, it’s a separate training. It’s my gift to you. It’s $2000 is what I normally sell it for. And that’s that’s what other people pay. But it is my gift to you. So please take advantage of that. Use it to recoup your investment as fast as possible. And that will enable you to concentrate on the task at hand.

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