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Andy Hafell introduces his course Passive Affiliate System

Hey, what’s going on? Thank you. And congratulations for taking action on the passive affiliate course. You are just getting started on your way to success. And I was right in your shoes about a couple of years ago when I first started making money online and when I was like a broke college kid, not even knowing what to do at all. And I was just in the shoes that you were in. I bought a new course. And then I followed this course step by step.

I got a little bit more information. I plotted everything that I know into this course that you’re watching right now to make it a lot faster, a lot easier, and to make it the straight line to success. And I’m super, super happy that you’re here. However, there is three things that I want you to do. Just three things. And the first thing is down in description. Now, below, you can find a link to a Facebook group, the passive affiliate tribe.

This is where you can get me to review your videos. You can get me to check out your channel. You can ask questions in the Facebook group and everything like that. So you get the best information. We’re also going to have live training in this group as well.

And I absolutely love the group. It’s so amazing and it’s so inspiring, especially for new people. The second thing you need to do is you need to introduce yourself to the passive affiliate tribe, like where are you from? What do you do? How did you get into this stuff? We all love to know more about you and what you do and what you’re all about. Just go into the tribe and make a new post and start, Hey, my name is this and I’m X years old.

I live in Germany and I have a cat that name’s Bobby and you continue like that. And I also have some questions down below from you that I personally want to know. And if you don’t want to go into the group message me personally, I really want to know your story. I really want to know what you’re all about and how I can help you reach one hundred dollars per day, 200 dollars per day, and going into your bank account so you can live the freedom.

You can have the you can travel, you can do all these great things with the money you have that you make from this course. Now, the third thing that I need from you. First, you need to go in the Facebook group. Then you need to go and comment in the Facebook group. The third thing is that you need to save this to your bookmark. So this paid site you’re on right now. You can just take the star icon up in the R Ãrale or you can just drag the URL bar down and save it in your bookmarks because then you can then you don’t have to check your email for the log in.

You can just log in right away. So those are all the things that I want you to do. And also the week number one or week number 0 is the most important of the essential tools. And the introduction the introduction is probably the most important where you’ll learn some incentives I have for you to join the or to make 30 videos and then some incentives to make a hundred videos. Those incentives are huge. And I really hope that once you made 30 videos or if you made 100 videos, you can join these special special groups that have put together that are introduced to you in the introduction.

Video should be week number zero called introduction. So that’s all there is for now. Going to Facebook down below comment down below and then bookmark this page. You have it for ever and then start watching week number zero. We’re going to go into the introduction.

All the essential tools and all of that stuff. I can’t wait for you to get started. And I can’t wait for you to get all of this amazing, amazing information that has taken me literally months to make. I started this in February. It has been five months since February. And I’ve been working hard to make sure that you guys get the best information and can get to $100 dollars per day. That’s my goal. I want to get 1000 people to $100 per day every single year.

And that’s what this course is all about. And so if you have a really bad situation right now where you need money, where you’re not feeling good. Everything is going to shit because of money. This is the way you make money. This is the way you make money online. This is how the future will be. This is how you get long term financial freedom. This is how you don’t think of get rich quick schemes at all. Instead, you think of the long term growth of the long term potential.

And you say to yourself, a year is not a long time. A year is not a long time at all. When it comes to the grand scheme of things, if you can focus one year, I can guarantee for for sure one hundred per cent clarity that you’ll become successful a year. I can do that. Would anyone even the most boring, shitty ass person ever? This is meant for you and meant for your success. So you can go out and buy yourself Ferrari.

You can go and travel. You can have all the free time to spend with your kids as you want. This is how you do it. This is the course that you’ve been waiting on so long. So die is going to be this video. Thank you so much for joining the cause and congratulation for taking action on this. Soon you will become a passive affiliate and I can’t wait for that to happen. Thank you so much. And I’ll see you in the video week number 0.



    • W0.1 Welcome! Congratulations!.mp4
    • W0.2 Essential Tools – Notes.txt
    • W0.2 Essential Tools – Slide.pdf
    • W0.2 Essential Tools.mp4
  • WEEK 1 – Hot Niches & Even Hotter Affiliate Programs
    • W1.1 Find The Perfect Niche + Examples – Action Steps.pdf
    • W1.1 Find The Perfect Niche + Examples – Slide.pdf
    • W1.1 Find The Perfect Niche + Examples.mp4
    • W1.2 Affiliate Products – Action Steps.pdf
    • W1.2 Affiliate Products – Slide.pdf
    • W1.2 Affiliate Products.mp4
    • W1.3 Your Next 30 – Action Steps.pdf
    • W1.3 Your Next 30 – Slide.pdf
    • W1.3 Your Next 30.mp4
    • W1.3 Your Next 30.xlsx
    • W1.4 Keyword Research – Action Steps.pdf
    • W1.4 Keyword Research – Slide.pdf
    • W1.4 Keyword Research.mp4
  • WEEK 2 – Optimize The Channel and Make it Pretty
    • W2.1 Youtube Curiosity Channel Name – Slide.pdf
    • W2.1 Youtube Curiosity Channel Name.mp4
    • W2.2 Channel Banner – Slide.pdf
    • W2.2 Channel Banner.mp4
    • W2.3 Channel Logo – Slide.pdf
    • W2.3 Channel Logo.mp4
    • W2.4 Make Channel.mp4
  • WEEK 3 – Start Making Easy Passive Affiliate Videos
    • W3.1 Perfect Video Script – Notes.pdf
    • W3.1 Perfect Video Script – Slide.pdf
    • W3.1 Perfect Video Script.mp4
    • W3.2 Narration (Voice Over) – Slide.pdf
    • W3.2 Narration (Voice Over).mp4
    • W3.3.1 PP Slides.mp4
    • W3.3.1 PP Slides.txt
    • W3.3.2 Video Editing – Slide.pdf
    • W3.3.2 Video Editing.mp4
    • W3.3.2 Video Editing.txt
    • W3.3.3 Content Samurai.mp4
    • W3.3.3 Content Samurai.txt
    • W3.4 Titles & Thumbs – Slide.pdf
    • W3.4 Titles & Thumbs.mp4
  • WEEK 4 – The 1000 Sub Snowball System
    • W4.1 The 1000 Sub Snowball System – Slide.pdf
    • W4.1 The 1000 Sub Snowball System.mp4
    • W4.1 The 1000 Sub Snowball System.png
    • W4.2 The Email Feedback Loop – Slide.pdf
    • W4.2 The Email Feedback Loop.mp4
    • W4.2 The Email Feedback Loop.png
  • WEEK 5 – How To Hire & Outsource Everything
    • W5.1 Script Writer – Hiring Scripts.pdf
    • W5.1 Script Writer – Notes.txt
    • W5.1 Script Writer – Slide.pdf
    • W5.1 Script Writer.mp4
    • W5.2 Hiring Narrator or Voice Actor – Notes.txt
    • W5.2 Hiring Narrator or Voice Actor – Slide.pdf
    • W5.2.1 Hiring Narrator or Voice Actor.mp4
    • W5.2.2 Hiring Audio Guy (LIVE – Step-by-step).mp4
    • W5.3 Slidemaker Editor – Slide.pdf
    • W5.3 Slidemaker Editor.mp4
    • W5.3 Slidemaker Editor.txt
    • W5.4 Thumbnail Creator.mp4
    • W5.4 Thumbnail Creator.txt
  • WEEK 6 – Money Funnels
    • W6.1 The Passive Money Funnel – pic1.png
    • W6.1 The Passive Money Funnel – pic2.png
    • W6.1 The Passive Money Funnel – Slide.pdf
    • W6.1 The Passive Money Funnel.mp4
    • W6.2 How to make a website.mp4
    • W6.3 Optimizepress and wordpress.mp4
    • W6.4 Understanding your Autoresponder.mp4
  • Bonuses
    • 30 Day Success Checklist.pdf
    • Passive Affiliate Startup Pack
        Affiliate Programs.xlsx
    • Copy Paste Scripts Templates
        Perfect Video Script.pdf
        Perfect Video Template.pdf
        Video Review Formula.pdf


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