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Andy Hafell – Tube Takeoff Free Download Introduction:

Congratulations and a big warm welcome to the to takeoff Academy. I’m very happy that you’re here because YouTube has been a big part in my life, and if you don’t know I used to do a ton of other stuff with Bing ads old ads . Amazon FBA and all this Kindle stuff but when I found YouTube was when I found a huge success online, and now it’s your turn to start seeing success on YouTube, that’s why I’m super happy that you’re here but there’s two things I want you to do right now, and that is below this video right here there should be a link to the tube takeoff tribe our Facebook group of like-minded . People just like yourself that want to start their YouTube channel and want to see success and make a lot of money with YouTube, and the second thing I want you to do is to go into the group and introduce yourself I want to know about you I bet the tribe wants to know more about you who you are where you come from, and I’ve also added some questions down below if you have a little you don’t really know what to say to introduce yourself or even if you’re too afraid to introduce yourself to the group send me a . I want to know personally about what you do where you’re coming from, and how I can help you more with YouTube . And the third thing I guess that an extra bonus one is all the way down at the bottom you can access your bonuses , so you probably saw a bunch of bonuses on the sales page and you can access them all the way at the bottom, right there you might have watched a lot of free stuff on my youtube channel, and stuff like that and and this is completely different than what you’re getting inside. And actually since you paid money to get this I’m going to over deliver and give you absolutely everything, that I know because in the YouTube videos. It can be like you want to hide a few like big pieces of information that you don’t really want, you can’t give away everything you know but here in this course is absolutely everything . And if you have problems with anything if you’re struggling with anything just send me a message or write in the Facebook group. And I’ll help you out personally I’ll even try to make a personalized video for you and that answers the questions. I’ve done this to many students as well but you have to write that in the facebook group, because if I answer a video video probably a lot of other people are gonna be interested in learning about that, as well but that’s it for now. I really want to read what you say in the Facebook group, so I can get to know you on a more personal level, but that is gonna be this video. I’m signing off this video like, so that’s all for now step number one join the Facebook group down below introduce yourself to the group and I’m here to help you succeed.

What You’re Going To Get from Tube Takeoff

  • Week 1: Building The Rocket: The Copy & Paste Back End Sales Funnel You Need To Create Before You Even Think About Creating Your First YouTube Video
  • Week 2: Zero Gravity Training:Discover How To Create Simple Videos That Attract Targeted Viewers and Convert Them Into Paying Customers (Even Without Showing Your Face)
  • Week 3: Tube Takeoff!: Exactly How & Which Videos You Have To Create To Completely Take Off On YouTube & How To Optimize Your Channel For Maximum Growth
  • Week 4: Space Domination: Discover How To Turn Every Video Into A Money Making Machine That Runs 24/7 To Make You Money While You Sleep


  • BONUS #1: List of 132 profitable Youtube niches
  • BONUS #2: 25 proven niche Youtube channels you can ethitically copy & model
  • BONUS #3: The ultimate affiliate program list
  • BONUS #4: Fill in the blank scripts & templates
  • BONUS #5: 4-week step by step action plan

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