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Bradley Riley – Social Media Marketing Academy

Bradley may be a Social Media Marketing Expert, who has built multiple successful online businesses, including his Social Media Agency & Online Training Company. After spending months within the trenches, Bradley developed strategies that helped his Social Media Agency excel, changing his life forever. Bradley compiled all of this information into one educational program and made it his life mission to assist as many of us as possible. “I know what it’s wish to be in debt, hate my 9-5 job, working 6 days every week for wage . You get one life, and that is not how you ought to live it. It all changed once I COMMITTED to Social Media Marketing. Within a couple of months i used to be living life on my very own terms and earning a 6-figure salary along the way…” The SMM Academy is that the MOST actionable educational program on the market with student success and happiness being the most priority.

Getting Started
  • Course Overview – Welcome To The Course! (7:55)
  • What Is Social Media Marketing & Management? (1:32)
  • Freelancing Vs. Agency (5:51)
  • Freelance Websites & Options (2:28)
  • BEFORE WE START… Please don’t do this! (3:20)
Module 1: Getting Set Up & Started
  • How To Set Up Your Profile & Get Your Account Approved (11:43)
  • How To Optimize Your Account (9:42)
  • Portfolio, Skills, Employment History (25:51)
  • How To Write an AWESOME Authoritative Profile (13:30)
  • This ONE Trick Will Help You Make More Money! (10:11)
Module 2: Client Acquisition & How To Get Clients
  • How To Write A KILLER Cover Letter (14:46)
  • How To Apply For Jobs & What Jobs To Apply For (16:44)
  • How To Get a High Response Rate (5:34)
  • The QUICKEST way to apply to jobs (12:15)
  • Paying For Connects = Buying Leads (6:17)
  • Focusing on IPA’s (4:55)
  • Keep your overheads LOW (5:54)
  • SMART WORK vs. HARD WORK!? (7:08)
  • Getting Clients With NO Previous Experience! (8:07)
Module 3: Sales & Pricing
  • How To Price Your Services! (9:45)
  • Fixed Rate or Hourly Pay? (5:25)
  • Logical & Emotional Selling (5:58)
  • The Direct Message Sale – (NO PHONE CALL NEEDED) (7:57)
  • Why You NEED To Get Potential Clients On The Phone! (3:22)
  • Buyer/Seller Dynamic! (3:58)
  • How To Structure The Sales Call (27:24)
  • How To Up-Sell Your Services! (9:13)
  • The Proposal (Template Included) (14:00)
  • How To Take Payments & Charge Your Client! (10:10)
  • Charging MORE Money For Facebook Ads (Value Based Pricing) (5:04)
  • Close Your Client EVERY TIME With These Closing Lines! (8:56)
Module 4: Authority
  • The Importance Of Authority! (8:28)
  • Branding Yourself! (7:33)
  • How To Create Professional Monthly Reports! (8:47)
  • Calendar Booking & Scheduling Meetings! (9:48)
  • Placing A Video On Your Profile! (2:13)
  • Turning Down Clients & Saying NO! (6:55)
  • Testimonials & Reviews (How To Always Get 5-Star Feedback) (4:30)
Module 5: Outsourcing
  • How & Why To Outsource (4:55)
  • How To Create A Job Posting! (8:58)
  • How To Pick the BEST Outsourcers! (4:27)
  • Why The Cheapest Aren’t Always The Cheapest… (4:59)
  • What TASKS To Outsource (4:44)
  • How Much To Pay Your Outsourcers (3:38)
  • Examples Of Great Outsourcers (LIVE) (15:28)
  • Communication is KEY! (3:55)
  • Giving Outsourcers Access To Social Media Accounts & Passwords (HOW TO TRUST THEM) (5:07)
Module 6: How To Get Results For Clients
  • On-Boarding Clients (6:39)
  • Implementing A Hashtag Strategy For Clients (15:40)
  • How To Grow On Instagram (6:54)
  • Finding Copyright Free Images (6:28)
  • The IMPORTANCE Of Sample Posts For Clients! (6:54)
  • The 70 – 20 – 10 Rule! (6:53)
Module 7: Automation, Systems, Passive Income & Scaling
  • How To Automate Social Media Posting (5:01)
  • Systems Building (4:12)
  • Automating The Screening Questions (4:59)
  • Outsourcing & Automating The WHOLE Business Model (EVERYTHING EXPLAINED) (11:18)

Bradley Riley introduces his course Social Media Marketing Academy:

Welcome here today to the course overview, now I don’t want this video to go on too long but what I want to do is, sit here and speak to you about everything that’s included in this course. Why have I put it in and why is it in the order, it’s in because it’s all very important, and I’ve laid out in a way so you can go away and execute upon things, after you complete the module so once you complete module 1, you can go away execute a module 1, once you complete 2 you can go and execute on 2, once you do 3 4 5 6 & 7 so you don’t have to worry about anything in the future. Until you get there right you don’t need to worry about civilian module 6, if you haven’t completed module 1 all right so I’ve laid out in that way so it’s easy to follow, and very structured now what’s in module 1 module 1 is that the overview

I want you to understand that that doesn’t mean these just applied to up work. I’m going to show you how to set up everything on up work, because that’s what I use that’s my freelancing website of choice, it is the biggest one out there however there’s hundreds and hundreds of other freelance websites, and hopefully later on in the course is going to be another module, where you know we dive in a bit more detail to the other ones, that you can use if you want to but I want this course to be evergreen and go on forever.

I work less than a few hours a week on my clients because guess what, cuz I don’t do it outsource it we’re going to be covering how to pick the best out sources, what work to outsource how to do it how to find a good freelance, so we’re gonna cover all of that stuff right how to actually the actual step-by-step process of how to freelancer. I’m not going to tell you how to do it, I’m gonna show you how you can do it. We’re gonna cover all of that right again another super super important module, in this course to be honest they’re all super important, but this one’s very very important now. From here this is super important again for a lot of you so many people say, Brad you know I don’t I don’t now to get results for clients but what if I get a client, and I don’t have to do results you don’t have a client yet, a lot of a lot of egos they have clients and you’re worrying about getting results, listen we’ll cover all the client stuff first that we have done module 135 and then in module 6

we’re actually gonna cover how you can get results for your clients so a lot of the work, we’re gonna be doing is management stuff social media management, I’m gonna show you how to manage these clients how to onboard them, how to do the graphics you know, if your first one or two clients you decide you want to do it yourself, or if you decide you never want to outsource right this is for you.

we’re going to be talking all about social media management, and also marketing and how to actually get results for your clients from here. In my opinion again….everything it’s gonna be pretty awesome and guys, I promise you this right if you follow what I’m telling you step to step, step by step you’re gonna get a client. I can’t guarantee you will, because I don’t know if you’re gonna take the actors but if you follow this step by step, and take the actions you know you doing something wrong if you don’t get a client right within your first week or two right definitely.


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