Clark Kegley – Video Breakthrough Academy
Clark Kegley – Video Breakthrough Academy

Video Breakthrough Academy is for you on the off chance that you are:

  • Someone hoping to urge into Youtube however doesn’t have the foggiest idea where to start
  • Already on Youtube placing in work, however have seen almost no outcomes
  • Looking for noteworthy techniques that are demonstrated to bring more perspectives and additional cash
  • Eager-for-achievement business person hoping to develop your business and following
  • Looking for approaches to take advantage of home and to proceed to venture to the far corners of the earth


I talked about you and then we talked about them how do you attract your thousand true fans do an empathy map all sorts of exercises, and then we get into my favorite unit probably of the course. Which is the upgraded branding boot camp and a little story about a purple cow, then we move into module number 3 which will talk about watch time. How do you choose the best kind of content to produce, how do you model successful channels so you can really get the benefit this is one of my secret strategies right here. I do with my coaching clients and something, I’ve d ne on my channel as well. I’ll give you all the worksheets for that as well a couple videos on gear, and just what to use and plugins and tools that you can use for your channel, to make it better and then you get into part two. Which is all about how do you speak on camera, I give you my personal outlines I show you how to edit we talked a little bit about fair use, and then there’s a couple bonuses in here, as well including how do you make videos without even being on camera. My friend Brandon who has my hippie friend Brandon gotta love it he’s got over a hundred thousand subscribers on his YouTube channel, into an animated books so he’ll show you how to do that as well and then in part 3, we’re get into optimizing it so what do you do when you actually need to upload your video , because just cuz you know what to film, you know how to speak you know how to produce it does not mean you know how to upload it correctly. So we’ll talk about that before we get into module 7, which is all about your tribe what do you do when people start consuming your videos, what do you do when you start having an audience. How do you handle them how do you handle haters, look at that how do you vlog what is a vlog. I’ll show you some behind the scenes stuff on on just the mindset of that, and this is the monetization module number eight, and I’ll show you the ten best ways to monetize your channel. I’ll even give you a little bonus inside look into my personal blueprints that I typically only share with my coaching clients, and I’ll just give you a rundown of that but we talk about everything here, and if you can’t if you don’t know how to monetize a channel after this units go back and watch it again. Because there’s a lot in here there’s a lot a lot of things you can do these are really the only 10 forms of of monetizing I’ve ever done with my channel and it’s grown this year I’m into a six figure business, which I’m so grateful for so the stuff still works it’s still the core concepts, stood the test of time in a tear to stay it’s still everything changes, but these are the best ways to monetize lastly. We’ll geek out a little bit talking about the algorithm, and then we get into collaborations and some frequently asked questions in module number ten so all in all a lot a lot a lot to take in. I want to make sure though that you’re in the members Facebook group so just click this at the top and you’ll get redirected to it, over here just request to join and we’ll approve you within 24 to 48 hours in here, and this is where I accept things like the channel tear downs and whatnot one thing. I’ll say is please utilize this members group okay there’s tons of people in here who have gone through the course, that you can get feedback on if you have a video that you want feedback on post it in here you know. I’m very active in here as well I love talking and communicating with you all, so lots of people are already doing it they’re getting feedback for those of you, who are returning you know it’s a video break through the Academy to the new site. We have here and just built for you it’s a lot cleaner it’s a lot, I just run smoother here’s a section called the channel tear downs. I’m uploading a few more but these are where you submit your channel on Facebook.


  • Module One: Discover why now’s the simplest time to urge started creating videos albeit you’ve got ZERO views and 0 subscribers.
  • Module Two: How you’ll stand call at a loud world in order that people notice and follow YOU
  • Module Three: Discover the eight BEST sorts of content to supply (and make the foremost money from).
  • Module Four: Unlock the simplest video gear/plugins which will make your videos look pro (even if you’re recording them in your bedroom)
  • Module Five: Discover the way to look confident on camera. Get finished you speaking outlines. Use these for fast , high-performing videos that make money.
  • Module Six: Get your videos found on YouTube. Skyrocket your growth using these simple, yet effective SEO methods.
  • Module Seven: the way to successfully lead a military of 1,000 true fans and call them to require action on whatever you would like .
  • Module Eight: i will be able to walk you step-by-step how i’m making $10k+ per month using NINE income streams you’ll replicate.
  • Module Nine: Deep dive into the YouTube algorithm so you’ll make it work for you, not against you..
  • Module Ten: Skyrocket your subscriber count using these five specific videos…
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