Duston McGroarty – Automated Affiliate Secrets
Duston McGroarty – Automated Affiliate Secrets

How to Build an Army of Your Own $350_Day -Set It and Forget It- Affiliate Businesses

So first, a brief introduction. Everybody really probably already knows me, probably have sat through a number of these workshops in the past, so this is going to be a repeat for a lot of you. But some of you may have just gotten on my list recently, so I don’t want to make sure everybody knows a little bit about who I am, where I’ve come from. Things that I’ve had to endure and overcome in the past. So my name’s Dustin McGroarty.

I’ve been a super affiliate since about the end of 2010. As you’ll see here in the second 2010, when I started doing the online thing and quickly, I quickly realized that it was what I was really put here on earth to do to to use the power of the Internet and leverage that to help as many people as possible. Since then, oh, really, over the last really about two years, I’ve been approached by a lot of big name companies, companies you’re probably very familiar with and you know, they’ve asked me to.

They wanted to hire me to do a lot of different things, mostly buying media. So buying traffic for their websites. And I turned them down. You know, it just doesn’t fit my lifestyle. I mean, everybody’s got a number. Sure. So, you know, if they say they want to pay me like four million, five million dollars a year, like I’m not going to turn that down. But when it comes down to it, though, they first of all, they didn’t want to pay me that much money.

So that wasn’t even a factor in my decision. I had to decide really how it aligned with my goals in my dreams. And it didn’t, you know, that required me to move to a couple of these that I’m sure you prior me to move to states where I just didn’t want to be. You know, my wife and I decided a long time ago that we really wanted to make our goal to move back down to Texas because we just loved it so much here.

And moving to these other states, the obvious that wouldn’t be possible, at least not as quickly as we wanted it to be, so I turned them down. I turned down jobs from click funnels, a publishing which is now as over a billion dollar a year newsletter company. They only operate online. And I’ve turned down multiple, it’s been now closest. Seven, eight, eight different companies that are they sell supplements and mostly health supplements, all doing well over eight figures a year.

And I’ve generated millions in revenue online for multiple businesses. My dad’s smy businesses, so look, I don’t say any of this stuff to brag. It’s really just about letting you know you’re taking advice from. I do this stuff every day. This is the stuff I live and breathe for. Like some people would would say that it’s sad that really this is what I like to do. I call it a hobby because I enjoy it more than I enjoy anything else.

And it’s not. It’s our job to me. Like, I enjoy sitting down on my computer and, you know, figuring out how I can make, you know, a multiple of what I made last month. It’s fun for me. So it’s a really it’s a true passion of mine to be able to share this stuff with you on this webinar today. And that more than anything, that’s really what I love. I love being able to to practice this stuff.

Do it every day, turn it into revenue streams for myself, and then go out and teach it and share it to other people. So I have a confession. I was struggling at one point, just like you were or you are right now. I was getting up at 4:45 in the morning to make it to work by 6 o’clock. You know, it’s kind of funny because one of the people that replied to the email this past week was saying how they they’ve got to drive so far every morning or every day to work, you know, and then sit there for eight hours and pretend like they’re working or.

I don’t remember exactly how they put it, but it resonated with me. And I kind of forget a lot of the stuff that I endorsed as an employee, but that reminded me of this story. And so I decided to put that in here. You know, I did this for multiple years. We lived about 40, 45 minutes away from where I worked. And the only way I could get there was a four lane road where the maximum speed was forty five miles an hour.

And it wasn’t forty five miles an hour for that long. It was up and down thirty five, twenty five miles an hour. So took me a long time to drive there. And this was in Ohio and it took me a long time to drive there when the roads were clear. You know, when there wasn’t any snow or anything like that, it really slow people on the road. So, you know, in the wintertime, I was getting up at 4 o’clock in the morning and it was just insane.

I’d get home about 5:00. Just completely more now. Crash on the couch for the night. I usually end up falling asleep and get up at like midnight or 1:00 in the morning and walk back into bed for another two or three hours and have to get up again. And I was lucky to make eight hundred bucks a week. It was awful. Edit Every single minute of it you something that that. Now, looking back on that and looking at everyone else, that I kind of come in contact with them, you know, my friends and family get up and and put in all that time and energy for someone else.

It really kills me. It really, literally kills me like it kills me inside that. That they were. Not really listen, because I know I tried telling everybody I know I try. Try connecting with them in a way where I can share what I do and try and make them see that there is another option in life than than sticking it out. 40 hours, 50 hours a week. And then, you know, by the time you’re you want to retire, it’s almost impossible anymore to retire.

It’s just crazy and this kind of. When I was putting this together, I remember exactly to the dollar how much I made this job. It was forty one thousand two hundred dollars a year. And I just did a quick calculation works out to seven hundred ninety two dollars and thirty one sense a week. Which is just crazy. You know, I know a lot of you can probably relate to that. I had friends in from out of town last week from Ohio that came and stayed with us for a week.

And I was talking to my buddy who was in him and his wife who came in. He was he’s always miserable at his job. Just kind of reminds me of the movie office space. And if you’ve ever seen that movie, it’s an old one. But it’s kind of like a weird, weird type of humor. But it is still anybody that works in like an a cubicle or like an office like that. That movie just resonates so, so much with you.

And I never really had to do that. But I can understand how torturous it could be. And he his stories just reminded me of that movie. And, you know, he’s looking for another job and. It’s just that it’s a tough it’s a tough gig. Other guys to rely on someone else to write you a check every week. It’s tough. And I truly that that’s why I’m doing this today. It’s why I’ve taken time out of my Saturday afternoon to just help people because I am passionate about this stuff.

And I really, really want to help as many people as I can. So back to the Story News 2004, our first son Aiden was born in September and my wife wasn’t able to work at that point obviously, so we were living on my paycheck alone. And you can understand how how far forty one thousand dollars would go not very far with two car payments and a mortgage. So it was rough. You know, it wasn’t enough money. Forty one thousand.

Not enough money. So what what most people do start racking up credit card debt. Take out loans. I mean, I didn’t have time. It was enough time, the day for me to get another job. It just I couldn’t do it. It’s all I could do to drive home from work one day, you know, drive home from work after being beaten to death for 10 hours a day. And really, I just. Just not thinking about this.

One of the days I was in the middle of the winter. I was driving home. And my my Jeep Wrangler and I actually fell asleep driving. And there is snow. Not snow on the road, but snow on the sides. And I fell asleep and kind of veered off the road a little bit and my right tires got caught in the snow and I couldn’t. I woke up at that point, couldn’t control it to get it back on the road and ran over a cement cover and then ran.

There was a tree that was just cut down the week before. And I hit that on the right side of my tire and it rolled onto the left side. Luckily, I just walked away with a few bruises, but the the jeep was totaled. So, you know, I wasn’t able to get another job. I couldn’t even stay awake to make the drive home. So in 2005, I was forced to file bankruptcy, which is still embarrassing to talk about just because of the kind of a 180 in that I’ve done since then and my life to to just ensure that my my family’s always financially stable.

You know, having to look back at that and making that decision now is it is embarrassing still. But it’s important that I share this stuff because I know that that a lot of other people have been through similar things. And I want you to know that it’s possible to change is possible to to do a complete 180 and achieve your dreams and your goals and have it really everything that you want in life. So we decided at that point we filed bankruptcy, so we had to give up one of the vehicles and the house.

So we started to. Pack up our stuff, move to Houston and hopefully have a fresh start. Fortunately, didn’t work out like that. Things got a lot worse before they got better. I had to switch jobs a few times, etc. I got down there and then in 2010 it was really end of two thousand eight. Beginning in 2009, the economy started getting bad and in early 2010 I knew that, you know, it was only a month or two away before they were gonna lay lay off really the whole division that I was in, which was a lumber company.

I was an outside salesperson. So why would anybody sell to that? No homes were being built. So, you know, finding finding people to buy was very difficult. So about that time my dad reached out to me, we went to a Internet marketing event in Orlando and a couple of months after that event he emailed me and asked if I’d be interested in moving back to Ohio and he could kind of take me under his wing and I could run the whole marketing side of his business, which at that time was the whole business.

He only had an online business at that point. When I’m back, he was able to buy like another five acres and open up another plant nursery, which is what we what we what are our businesses about for the gardening niche? It’s gardening, teaching people how to grow plants for profit. So he opened that or bought that space, opened a nursery and still open today. We still he still has plant sales every weekend in the spring. And right now I’m still running that entire tire Internet side of the business takes me about 30 minutes a day.

And it still does very, very well for us. So that’s a that’s a like like a nest egg that, you know, is always there, always making us money. And when I after I did that at that time, I had no clue that my life would really never be the same. He was already so successful. And, you know, my looking back on it, my choice to follow him and learn from his success is really what made me into what I am today.

I took everything I’ve learned from his business and applied it to affiliate marketing. And when I first started doing the affiliate’s stuff, using some of his same strategies, I immediately knew I was onto something because a real lot of other affiliates weren’t they weren’t doing the type of things that I was doing. I applied more of a product owner mindset to the affiliate business and most affiliates were just pretty much sending traffic straight to offers at that time. There was no presell pages or landing pages first or email list building.

And that’s really what I knew. I knew all of that other stuff. I didn’t know any of the the wedding or any of the affiliate stuff. So buying traffic and just sending it straight to the offer. To me, that was like silly. Like, why would you why would you do that? You’re wasting so much traffic. But. Shoes, I tested it. Kind of applying what I learned there, putting it to the affiliate’s stuff I knew right away I’ll something.

And all that self-doubt that had come crept up like during my my previous jobs was just completely gone. You know, those were like really dark times for me because it you know, as a as a man, you’re like, you know, you’re brought up to be told like you’ve got to provide for your family and all this stuff. And I was I was hardly even able to hold a job for more than a few months. So I had a lot of self-doubt at that point in my life.

Previously. This was something I could do, something I was doing on my own. Something I could finally be proud of. To that point, there wasn’t a lot that I can be proud of. As far as my work. And, you know, my wife started to see me kind of in a whole new light like it. You know, you’re you’re generating revenue really out of thin air with this stuff. Guys, it’s it’s incredible. And and not, you know, my wife aside and your friends and family.

They are so curious and skeptical at the same time. It’s so weird. You know, they don’t know what to think, but they want to do what you’re doing. It’s crazy. Now, I was able to spend more time with my boys, which is huge. Fast forward to summer of 2018, which was last summer and I’ve achieved my dream. We move back to what we call our happy place here in Texas. And as our friends say, it looks like you’re on a permanent vacation.

And really, we are. Honestly, that’s why we moved here. It’s because when we’re here, what feels like vacation. And my my response to them is always like life is too short to not always be on vacation. That’s what life is about. You know, at what point did we change from just living and enjoying life to having to get up and despise what we do? Eight to nine hours a day. Just insane. So if you’ll.

Indulge me here for a second, I want to show you if you thought a few pictures, this was last week. That’s my three boys in the back of the boat, my buddy Tom on the right and on the tube, his wife and their little boy. And these are my three wacky kids who just love to have fun. They love being outside and they’re just loving every minute of Texas. So the bottom left this was last week. Actually, this was this week.

We went to just a little trip down the road here about 30, 40 minutes from now, says New Braunfels, Texas. And there’s the Guadalupe, a river that you can go on to bomb. And the water is just amazing. It’s freezing cold, like so dank. But it was awesome. It was nice and hot out there.

Me with a cooler of beer in the tube. And then later that day, we after tubing, we went to one of our favorite spots and the whole entire area. I kind of just hang out, eat some food, fish, swim in the creek and go over and jump off of that rock in the back. It’s just a it’s a great time. And I just want to show you get some of the pictures. The reason why we moved here just we love being outside, doing cool stuff in nature.

So one of the most important things I’ve learned from my dad was this the only pathway to lasting success is to choose a proven plan. Stick with it. Simple as that. So stop listening to groomers who never actually reveal any of their own businesses. Start following the advice of a mentor who sincerely cares about seeing you succeed. Going to go back to this for a second. Tell you a quick story about somebody not going to say the name, but you know them.

I am almost certain that you know them. We’re at my dad and I read into that. We paid this guy $12000 for coaching. We get home a couple of days later, we get on the phone who with a quote unquote, coach. And they basically over the next four, five, six weeks, I think it was. They never gave us any actionable content. Nothing that we haven’t already done to grow our business. Take it to the next level.

Really, what we paid for was access to what they said in the sales pitch, which was we will open up our business to you and show you the inner workings of it. And you can basically copy and paste it. We’ve gotten we’ve gotten none of that. And I think it’s important to to share that. For anybody that’s skeptical in this arena, because it is a very can be a very shady space where people are just out to get your money, really, you know, twelve thousand dollars that a lot of money.

I mean, that’s that’s twenty five percent of my my income at that. The business or the company I was totally above. So just be careful, guys, who you are. We’re following and listening to. And you know, really, I’m here to tell you that I really care about you succeeding. That’s it. I don’t care if you ever buy anything from me. I’m always available via e-mail to help anybody out and anybody that’s that’s on this training that that has gotten any kind of e-mail correspondence for me.

You guys know that that I will let a drop of the hat just. No stopping them doing and help you. I’ll send you a five hundred thousand word response e-mail to a question because I want you guys more than anything to be able to. To have the things in life you want to have, be able to do the things like I’ve done for myself and my family. I’m not necessarily moved to where I want to move, but I want you to achieve your dreams and your goals.

So it starts with choosing a proven plan. To follow and set up an automated income stream, automation is huge and that’s really the whole key to this entire strategy. So let me tell you why that’s important. I’ve helped hundreds of people, probably closer to thousands of people, but I just wanted to be conservative. And what I’m saying there helped one hundred hundreds of people make money online by leveraging one simple thing easy, inexpensive automation tools. Simple as that.

It’s for less than 20 bucks a month. You can get access to some of the most powerful automation software on the planet. It’s just insane. What you can do with some of the software. That and a ten, ten dollar per year domain name really all you need to create an army of these $350 per day, set it and forget it. Affiliate businesses somecases all you need to domain name paired with free automated software, which is there’s plenty of other.

But really, it’s not the tools or software that make the strategy so powerful. Psychology. Humans are hard wired just like a computer. You can engineer a predictable action by performing a series of events in a specific order. It’s called buyer psychology. By leading someone through a very specific series of events, you can condition them to buy anything that you want. Anything. No, this isn’t like hypnosis or crap like that, it’s not some form of evil manipulation.

Obviously it could be used for that. I’m not going to condone that. Obviously, that’s that’s your call. This stuff is powerful and it works only every time that I’ve used it. You’re really just finding people who are already who already want what you’re selling and psychologically making it impossible for them to say no. It’s the secret sauce. It’s allowed me to sell millions of dollars worth of products online. Something I keep very close to my chest. I’ve only shared it with.

Probably four or five people in my life, my dad being one of them, because after after I took a deep dive into his business and excuse me and reworked kind of his final one stuff, we saw our very, very quick uptick in conversions. And it was really at the time I had no clue. No freaking clue what I did that worked. And it really wasn’t until I tested a number of different things that I discovered. Clearly a very simple process to increasing conversions like crazy.

You don’t eat any copywriting skills, any technical experience. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on advertising. You don’t need expensive tracking software. And funnel builders are really scalable, expensive web host. You don’t need an e-mail list of your own or product of your own. You don’t need any niche specific experience or expertise. You don’t need to write crap. I hate writing. I hate creating videos. I sound horrible on video, so I apologize.

You have to listen to me for two hours. You don’t need any MCO and he gets posting social media, spamming and all that crap. But most importantly, the success of these automated affiliate businesses has nothing to do with you and your past has nothing to do with anything. Anything that you could have accumulated knowledge about in the past. You don’t need anything for this, guys. You don’t need it. Everything can be template ized. Literally can copy and paste the template and just punch in niche specific words.

And you’re good to go. Let me explain why this isn’t about like I said, this isn’t about you and your knowledge. It’s about following the proven plan. That’s it. Nothing else. Same plan I use to quickly set up tons of these three and a 50 hour per day businesses in many, many different niches. How many of these businesses would you need to quit your job? I ask this quite a lot on these these workshops because I’ve.

It’s the easiest way I know of to get people people to understand. Really, the little amount of work necessary to change your life fast. So just for example, example purposes. One hundred thousand per year. Really equates to to say two hundred and seventy five bucks a day. You know that. And that’s if you’re working Saturday and Sunday at a regular job, which I know that you’re probably not. An average of an average affiliate business, the ones that I’m talking about, generates $350 a day in revenue.

Of that, about three hundred of that is net profit after you take out traffic costs. If you’re using the automation software, that kind of thing. It’s about 300 a day left in that profit.

So two of these businesses is 600 bucks a day, which equates to two hundred and nineteen thousand dollars a year. I mean, you really look at go back up to where in the blue you only need one if you make one hundred thousand a year or less, you’ll need one of these and you’re good. You’re making more money than you’re making at your job right now. So imagine if you had five or like 10 of these. That’s. It’s insane.

So, guys, up to this point. And what got you excited about this opportunity? Put it put a message, something in the chat box, let me know, you guys are still all here with me, not snoozing. Cool. Yes. Yes. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Thanks, guys. Awesome, cool. Yeah. So here’s the deal. I can’t cover everything in an hour webinar. I’d like even if I had all day.

I can’t, guys. I talk. I will talk your ear off. Like if anybody is ever in Austin, I’m we’re in a suburb of Boston, all dripping springs. If anybody is ever in Austin, please hit me up. I mean, email, Skype, Facebook. I’d love would love to sit. Just sit down and talk, guys. I could talk about this crap all day long. And my wife hates it because I’ll you know, I’ll just go up to somebody who who who I know is like in a business or something and we’ll just start talking business and then it will go a lot longer than she would prefer it go.

So here’s the deal. I put together a special offer just so you can really have everything you need to know and have it in one place. So if you act fast, I’m going to give you guys a really cool deal. Before we get into that, I want to go back to you and your commitment here to success. When this workshop’s over, you’re gonna have two choices. One. You can go back to what you’ve been doing Saturday.

Maybe go back, lounge on the couch twats, watch some TV, read a book, and, you know, you’re going to end up being where you’re at right now. It’s your actions that you. Your actions in the past have led you to where you are and the results that you have at this very moment. Or you could follow the proven plan to financial freedom that you’re being handed today. Like most people, you’ll be thrilled when you invest your time in this proven plan.

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