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You can also Become A Full Time Videographer And Make Minimum k Per Project If You Follow This Proven Step-By-Step System

Six Figure Filmmaker may be a personalized coaching program designed to assist you go full time together with your video business within the next 12 months, and make a minimum of $10k on every project you are doing , albeit you don’t have the simplest camera or if there are not any good clients in your area. Six Figure Filmmaker may be a personalized coaching program designed to assist you go full time together with your video business within the next 12 months, and make a minimum of $10k on every project you do… albeit you don’t have the simplest camera OR if there are not any good clients in your area.And if you’re already full time, then you’ll be ready to scale your business to 6 figures and beyond!

The 8 Week “Cinema Mastery” Masterclass – The “Perfect Passion Project” Blueprint

If you’re worried that you simply don’t have enough experience or an honest enough camera to make amazing projects for your portfolio, the right Passion Project Blueprint is for you. When Elizabeth created her first passion project, she had little or no experience shooting and didn’t even own a camera. But by following the proper process, she was ready to create her amazing BOSE video that landed her a $34,000 client. Now I’ve taken the precise process that I walked her through, and I’ve developed it into a totally full-clad system. So now any videographer can follow the step-by-step instructions to make amazing videos for his or her portfolio. albeit you don’t have much experience or don’t even own a camera! Each step of the method is detailed with video explanations, worksheets, checklists, and more to assist you are doing it too. PLUS, at the start of 2019 i will be able to personally be stepping through the method with you to make my very own passion project. I’ll document the whole process so you’ll see how I roll in the hay . then you’ll follow an equivalent process to make your own.
The Six Figure Filmmaker Course

With Cinema Mastery I’ve been successful selling many thousands of dollars worth of products and services to filmmakers. Most of those filmmakers don’t know anything about me once they start. Yet somehow they are going through a process of going to know me and eventually buying services from me. This process may be a very calculated system that I’ve designed to draw in clients, build a relationship with them, and obtain them to rent me. So I’m releasing a fresh course outlining exactly how I roll in the hay . So you’ll take the precise same systems that I’ve wont to sell over $500,000 in services and use it to scale your filmmaking business to 6 figures and beyond.
The “Six Figure Framework” Portal

With Six Figure Filmmaker you get access to tons of resources. But I don’t want you to urge overwhelmed. So instead of just diving in and getting lost altogether the fabric . I’ve created a step-by-step framework for you to follow, weakened into easy milestones, so you’ll easily track your progress. The milestones will take you from wherever you’re now, and show you each step to require to become a full time videographer, make $10k+ for each project, and build a six figure business. Each milestone is weakened into actionable steps: • Videos explaining what to try to to and the way to try to to it • Check lists with step by step “to-dos” • And activities and exercises to stay you motivated and on target to succeed in your goals So you never need to guess what do next. you only follow the framework. PLUS, the framework is weakened into three distinct phases, counting on where you’re in your business immediately . Because growing a business requires you to specialise in new things at every level. which suggests the items that got you where you’re now won’t get you where you would like to be. The “Six Figure Framework” Portal will offer you all the knowledge you would like to require steps toward your goal every single day.

Deep Dive Private Coaching Call FIRST 5 ONLY

This is a tailored-fit program that’s bespoke to YOU. So whether you’re wondering where you slot in the six-figure framework, or you’re unsure where to start… i would like to form sure you’ve got everything you would like to succeed. Which is why once you check in for the Six Figure Filmmaker coaching program, you’ll get a 30-minute personal coaching session with me. We’ll mention where you’re immediately , what dreams and goals you’ve got , and what you would like to realize as a filmmaker. then I’ll put together a custom-tailored roadmap specifically for you, so you’ll achieve the dreams you’ve got .

What does Eric Thayne talks about his Six Figure Filmmaker:

Ưelcome to six-figure filmmaker I am pumped I’m stoked about this. Are you guys excited I hope so, I’ve been putting a lot of work into for the last few months, and really something. I’ve been thinking about for a long time as far as, like how to create this kind of program like this. And you know we’ve had cinema master going for the last two, and a half years and it’s been awesome. We’ve had a lot of people sign up for it, and it’s been great but there’s just a lot of people within cinema mastery, Austin your name showing up now so awesome we’ve had a lot of people that said IMAX here, they were kind of looking for the next thing like what I need you know something to go to the next level, and some extra help. And so this is a coaching program that brings in basically the same concepts from cinema mastery, plus like perfect passion project blueprint and all this other stuff, that we’re gonna be giving you down the road. I’m just gonna be amazing but then brings in, this coaching element then it allows me to actually like work more one-on-one with you in cinema, after we’ve got like 400 people in there and that’s always growing

Congratulations to you for being early adopters anyway let’s jump into it. I’m really excited about this program obviously because you know, I’ve been doing videography and filmmaking for a while. It’s been like five or six years now, I’ve been running my own business since I was 13, so like I’ve always been like freelancer entrepreneur like figuring that kind of stuff out, and so when I want you know, I always wanted to figure out how to make money. Doing what I was passionate about and and five or six years ago, I realized that like my passion was in filmmaking. I’d make a video since I was a kid but I realized that like I had gotten back into it, with YouTube and everything. I was really excited about it and wanted to get better at it, so I naturally went and tried to figure out how to make money doing it, how to build a business and I failed a lot. I struggled a lot, I had a lot of setbacks and a lot of, I mean just like anyone right just trying to build my business. Trying to get clients, trying to raise my prices everything and it all, it was a struggle for a long time and it’s really only been up until now, like the last couple of years that I’ve gotten to the point, where I like I’ve got a business that I feel like is thriving. I don’t consider myself necessarily successful, because like you you never reach success right like once, you reach whatever you think success is the finish line, gets moved right and you’re always growing you’re always learning, you’re always gonna get better. But like me, I have reached a point of thriving with the business, and where it’s like actually generating money, and doing really well and you know making six figures, and that’s what I want to share with you guys in this program, so what I’ve done is I’ve taken like over the last years or so I’ve been like, just thinking about what are the things that I did, that actually worked and what are the things that I did that didn’t worked and how do I get rid of the things that didn’t work. And just like teach people the things that worked and give them a simple framework, so they can follow framework frame rate, give them a simple frame work so that they can follow the exact same steps, and get the same results. Because that’s why you’re here, is is whatever like I’ve achieved or whatever, I’ve done as a filmmaker you guys probably want to do something similar, and so you’re here to learn that and so I’m giving you the steps to get there, and that’s what’s gonna be about, and so I’m come through and I figured out like what are the things, that I actually did and I’ve built it into like easy-to-follow diagrams and step-by-step checklists, and like everything to take to walk you through this entire process now.

This course you’re getting all of cinema mastery, you’re getting all of the perfect passion project blueprint, you’re getting my whole framework. Which is gonna have videos and all sorts of stuff like this in, and of itself is a whole course like you can look at the six-figure filmmaker, is kind of like the high level course that tells you like here’s. What you’re supposed to do and then you go into the courses, like cinema mastery and perfect passion project, and then the new course is coming out in a few months, to go like deeper knowledge. And to get deeper and deeper and deeper into it, so this program is just going to give you the whole framework exactly what you’re supposed to do and ,then it’ll show you what you need to do to go deeper, and to learn each part of the process, at a deeper level but as you’re going through it don’t try to become a six-figure filmmaker overnight, realize that this is something that’s gonna take time. It’s a process that you’ve got to go through and for most of you, like this is gonna take at least a year if not longer you know I want you to do, in the next 12 months I want you to get to a point where you’ve like made a drastic change in your business and that’s definitely possible

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