Gunnar Gronowski – Build a Drop Shipping Store using Instagram Chat bots
[Free Download] Gunnar Gronowski – Build a Drop Shipping Store using Instagram Chat bots

Build drop-shipping store automation by using Chat bots

Only a $14 start-up cost! Instagram bots are changing the sport for creating targeted website traffic without having to buy advertising and guaranteed sales!

This course will teach you everything you would like to understand to urge your online drop shipping website up with virtually zero start-up cost and guaranteed sales. it’ll include valuable information on choosing your website idea also as building out a Shopify website, Instagram’s and “chat” bots to urge you exponentially increasing sales starting within days! the sole start-up cost are going to be the worth of your name as all advertising are going to be done through “bots” which will attach to an Instagram to market your website. Don’t worry! This course will show you exactly the way to get access and build out your bots which can be connected to the Instagram’s and it doesn’t require any coding skill or much technological knowledge generally . It’s just a matter of taking action!


  • 01-Introduction
  • 02-Choose Your Idea!
    • 01-Video 1- Choosing Your Idea! – Drop Ship Tek.mp4
  • 03-Account Creation
    • 01-Video 2- Account Creation – Drop Ship Tek.mp4
  • 04-Shopify Website Build-out
    • 01-Video 4- Website Build-out Pt. 1 – Drop Ship Tek
    • 02-Video 5- Website Build-out Pt. 2 – Drop Ship Tek.mp4
  • 05-Instagram Build-outs
    • 01-Video 6- Instagram Build-outs – Drop Ship Tek
  • 06-Chat Bot Build-outs
    • 01-Video 7- Chat-Bot Build-outs – Drop Ship Tek.mp4
  • 07-Conclusion
    • 01-Video 8- Conclusion_ General Maintenance – Drop Ship Tek.mp4

Let’s read what Gunnar Gronowski talks about overview of his course

What’s up, everybody? Welcome to Dropship Tex online course for building a dropship and Web site using Instagram chat bots. I’m genuinely so excited tell you guys about this because I didn’t think somebody like myself could ever get into e commerce, but with the Instagram chat bots and that I didn’t have to put tons of money towards paid advertising. Pretty much all I had to do to start was pay for the domain name and through Shopify those fourteen dollars as well as some Instagram followers and other like fifteen bucks.

And that was it. And I was off and running thirty dollars to get going.

So we’re gonna want to start with Google Chrome so we can support the overload plug in on Shopify, which Iria pulled up right here. Along with that we’re gonna use some other platforms all available on the worldwide web. We got all the express. We’re gonna be using sales branco, which is probably the biggest aspect to this. And this is the service that provides Instagram chat bots that we can build out and connect to our Instagrams, which we got right here.

So basically the what we’re gonna do after you build out your Shopify store is connect for Instagram accounts, pretty much putting your Shopify link in that account. And you’re gonna want to post 15 to 20 photos that are relevant. I’ll go more into it with him on course. And then you’re gonna go to sales barranco and connect those Instagrams to here and build out a chat bot that goes in comments on people that targets them through hashtags. Very important.

And then you’re going to layout 10 comments and a dialogue and then basically you set how many times it’ll comment a day and you want to start around thirty five forty five comments and increase by fifteen to twenty everyday. And eventually it can max out I believe four hundred comments a day. So if you have four Instagrams running for one Web site and you’re maxed out with your bots, which could take about a month and a half, two months, that’s gonna be sixteen hundred comments per day, creating tons of traffic, all targeted at people that are actually interested because of the hashtags, thus creating guaranteed sales and you’re gonna be generating tons of revenue.

So that’s basically how it works. As much as my introduction video and you’ll be able to learn more through the course. Thank you very much.

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