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Jacob Caris – Dream Car Profits Introduction – 6 Figure Super Affiliate

A touch under 2 years ago i used to be exactly where you likely are immediately . I used to be trying to find the winning strategies that might take me from an entire affiliate marketing nobody, to affiliate marketing riches. I had to require the hard road. I invested thousands of dollars in courses, coaching, testing and optimising plenty of affiliate strategies to work out what actually works. About 7 months ago, around a year and a half after my affiliate marketing journey began, I hit my first big milestone & won the ClickFunnels Dream Car. i used to be number 53 (there’s over 59,000 people within the ClickFunnels Affiliate FB Group). Shortly then I crossed the 6 Figure mark in total commissions & was ready to step faraway from my 9 – 5 (more like 9 – 9) finance job and go full time with affiliate marketing. Since going beat with affiliate marketing about 6 months ago I’ve increased my monthly commissions 300%. Money isn’t my primary motive any longer . My business basically runs itself. I wont to work 80 – 100 hours per week in my job, I got really sick from stress & over work on only 27 years old. Affiliate marketing freed me from another 30 years of that grind. i would like to assist others to duplicate my success and knowledge the liberty I’ve been ready to create for myself with Affiliate Marketing. this is often why I even have created the Dream Car Profits Course which reveals all my top strategies I even have wont to achieve the results above. You’re getting my best kept secrets for pennies on the dollar. Take action while this is often still available. See you on the within , Jacob Caris Your New Super Affiliate Mentor.


Jacob Caris talks about his course Dream Car Profits:

Hey, guys, what’s going on? It’s Jacob. I want to say a massive thank you firstly for investing in the Dream Car Profits program. I’m really excited to have you here today. The Dream Car program with Click Funnels has absolutely changed the trajectory of my career. I used to work in corporate finance. I’m now a full time affiliate marketer. And that was all sparked by the Dream Car program and by the Click Funnel affiliate program. And what I’m going to teach you in this course, the five core strategies that I used in order to win that award, but also in addition to winning that prize.

These are the strategies that I’ve used to earn well over $100000 in affiliate commissions and now pushing $200000 in affiliate commissions.

So I would call these my kind of core super affiliate strategies that have really got me from where I was as a complete, you know, with no list, no audience, no following to where I am now, about 22 months later, pushing two hundred thousand in total commissions in that time, which I think is is a is a really, really good kind of growth. And return as an affiliate marketer can be a particularly competitive industry. But I think the you know, the Click Follows affiliate program is is fantastic.

And there’s some other ones that are going to show you in this course as well, which actually can help you generate affiliate sales for click funnels. At the same time. But we’ll get to that a little bit later. I wanted to film a quick video, introduce myself, welcome me to the course. Say thank you for investing. The next video that you are going to say. I’m going to give you a bit of an overview of the strategies that are used.

And then below that you’ll be able to walk through with me each of the strategies in a fair bit more detail. So you can then choose the ones that are appropriate for your situation. Maybe you’re looking for some page strategies, maybe you’re looking for some free strategies. Whatever it may be, you’re going to be able to find it here. And I’m very, very confident that if you take action on the strategies in this course, you’ll be able to take your affiliate marketing business to the next level and be able to get results in particular with the Click Funnel affiliate program.

I would hazard, though, don’t just isolate yourself to one affiliate program. These strategies can be transferred to any affiliate program out there and you will get results.

So study what’s in this course, take action on it, implement it, even if you can only do a little bit every single day. It’s all going to add up and ultimately it can become something really, really powerful and really can change your life. Affiliate marketing is an amazing, amazing business model. It allows us to focus on providing value and driving traffic. And then somebody else handles all of the hard work on the back end with product delivery and customer refunds and fulfillment and all that stuff that comes with building your own product.

We get to avoid doing that and we get to focus on just driving traffic.

That’s why affiliate marketing is such a great business model.

So with all that said, once again, thank you for investing in Drame car profits. If you study watching this course, I know you’ll get great results and I’ll see you in the next video is.

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