Joshua Gayman – Cold Calling On Steroids 2.0
Joshua Gayman – Cold Calling On Steroids 2.0

Introduction Cold Calling On Steroids 2.0

Guy, welcome to Cold Calling on Steroids. I’m Josh Gamin and I’m so excited for you. Now we’re going to break down below into four sections. The four key pillars to the cold calling us thyroids system. With these four pillars in place, you will absolutely crush it. So pillar number 1 is all about volume. Pillar number 2 is going to be about consistency. Pillar number 3 is the data that makes it all work. And then pillar number four is the systems, how it all flows together to start getting you bleed right away.

Let’s go.

Let read about Volume from cold calling on steroids video course

Hi, guys, in this video, I’m going to talk about volume now. Volume is super important to cold calling on steroids. So important that it’s actually pillar number one when you run this system, it is absolutely crucial that you have the amount of volume that you need to be able to run the system consistently, which we’re going to go in-depth in section number two. Now, guys, how do you get the volume starts out with getting enough data to give a run that volume every single day.

So looking at the expectations on the numbers you want to send out, starting out with twenty five hundred calls per day. The reason we start out with twenty five hundred calls per day is that even with a just mediocre voice message or message, you should expect at least one lead per twenty five hundred calls even if it’s just to a blanket list. Now we’ll go over later. What is a blanket lesson. What’s a white Mejlis for now? Think of it as basically a list of that’s not the hottest list, right?

It might be just kind of a cheaper list. So even if that is the kind of the data you’re starting out, you should still get at least one lead per twenty five hundred if you’re getting worse than that. There’s definitely a problem with the voice mail. It sounds scripted or commercial or something like that. Now, obviously, that’s assuming you tested your campaign when you go on this whole thing to make sure that it’s not putting off the first fifteen seconds or something.

I think something like that. OK, so twenty five hundred calls outgoing should generate one lead. That is the minimum to be just even on par. Now, if you’re getting less than one lead per twenty five hundred, then you need a better message. Now, if you go one day twenty five hundred calls, you don’t going to lead in the next day, you get two leads. That’s OK. Right. But at the end of the week you should have five to 10 leads at least if you’re running twenty five hundred per day where you simply need to redo your message.

Now what is your goal. A good goal is to get one lead per thousand outgoing calls. Now, guys, we’ve had campaigns and voice mails and people that have gotten better than that on individual campaigns. But if you can consistently run and get a thousand calls and get one lead, then that is crushing it. OK. So somewhere in the one lead per thousand calls to twenty five hundred calls is really where you want to be. And depending on the better list you have in the better voice mail that you’re able to leave, you’re going to get more leads.

And we’ll talk more in depth about leaving the voicemail on how to leave the best voicemail. Ultimately, it comes down to tone. There’s only a few key things to say, as is cash, you pick the closing day, et cetera. Right. And to generate a callback, it’s ultimately about getting them at the right time and circumstance, which is what volume is so key. And then just sound organic in doing so. So, guys, you should expect at least one lead in every thousand to twenty five hundred calls going out, OK.

And really think about twenty five hundred as a starting point. If you’re trying to get to one lead per thousand off the bat, it could be kind of frustrating. One lead per twenty five hundred is fan tastic guys who will be crushing it, getting affordable leads and have amazing chances for success up when all you’ve got to do is be able to convert the leads, guys, and we can always help you out of conversion secrets on the conversion side.

OK. Now one lead per twenty five hundred calls. If you’re running out, talk about consistency here. The minute that you’re running that every single day or five or six days a week, OK, you are going to be getting enough leads to by the numbers have deals coming through again as long as you’re able to convert. Right. That’s gonna be on you. I’m happy to help out. We have tools for conversion secrets and come to an intensive.

We do all sorts of amazing things. But getting the leads is where it all starts. OK. So, guys, here is what’s key, not shoving up volume through the roof to just get a whole bunch more leads and thinking that the game of wholesale real estate or getting good deals is going to be easy that way because guys, that will, I promise you, not work. Now, it might work for one deal or two deals, but it will not be consistent and stable.

You’ll run out of data and volume and you’ll get frustrated. It will be a nightmare. So conversion is key. OK. And as you increase volume, conversion tends to naturally follow. But just because we’re humans. So that’s OK. It’s natural. Just embrace it. Know that it’s part of the game. And no, that is a key reason why we’re going to start out at twenty five hundred calls per day now. Twenty five hundred calls a day assumes for one person who’s full time working leads.

OK. Now you are going to about the time to get one or two deals. You’re going to increase your volume. OK on it. Two, maybe three thousand thirty five hundred on it to five thousand. And that’s why I recommend a lot of students that I personally coach do is run twenty five hundred a day until you get two deals written with sellers under contract. Look at where conversion was. So how many leases it take me to get that two deals.

If it took me 50 leads, then I’m converting one deal and twenty five leads to great starting point. Going to go to the next intensive, get some conversion secrets. But that’s what on that on that one. Lee a one deal per twenty five leads. OK. So now if I increase my volume up to 5000 right per day then hopefully I’m going to get more leads. Right. More deals. And if I get one hundred leads in the same amount of time, I get four deals.

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