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The result’s 5 CORE MASTER CLASSES and a treasure trove of coaching videos, checklists, cheatsheets, Live mastermind videos that hold your hand through every step needed to form your first affiliate sale… so you’ll continue to realize your first wildly profitable month…… then put if all on autopilot, with ease. While it’s true that some students hit 4 and even 5 figures a month their first outing , et al. have built upon smaller initial successes before hitting multiple 5 figures a couple of months later… The goal here is to urge you within the game together with your first month’s full time income as knowledgeable affiliate marketer. Why? Because it’s a sensible and highly achievable tipping point.Your first full time income month puts you on an entire new confidence playing field where new doors open up in no time . you’ve got leverage…you have momentum…and you finally believe that this making money online thing thing you’ve poured your heart and soul into for therefore long (and had about given up on) actually DOES have the legs to require you as far along the entrepreneurial path to success as you’re willing to travel .


  • Treats affiliate marketing as an entire profit-generating ongoing business rather than a series of isolated online promotions or “business opportunities”
  • Leverages and synergizes your list-building, email marketing, and authority ALL within one efficient system in order that NO marketing effort is wasted or executed out of context.
  • Assumes nothing. Quickly takes you from knowing absolutely nothing about affiliate marketing, to owning a highly profitable (and consistent) affiliate marketing business that floods your email list with new, engaged subscribers and converts them into profits.
  • Holds your hand through the tech set-up and every one the opposite icky bits which will be the foremost off-putting a part of a web business.

Tiz Gambacorta talks about the course  – Amik Affiliate Marketing Intensive Kickstarter

All right. He’s going to co-author back with you again. And I wanted to give you an overview of how the training is going to be done and how we’re going to get this whole thing kicked off the official start for the covert selling formal coaching program. If this this program is designed for you to consume one module per wheat, one module per week. Now, for a lot of you guys, if you’re anything like my buddies in the private mastermind group who got early access to all of this, you’re going to come in and say, hey, I want to see this campaign in that campaign.

And I’ll tell you, when we did that, it was all a big, big mistake. These are some of the most brilliant business people I know. And as soon as they got in, they got access to all the things and they haphazardly plugged them in. They even really understand the context of how they all fit together and the result sucked. Now, fortunately, these are very close friends and colleagues of mine. But I want to protect you from that because I know that this stuff works.

But I also know that like so many things, if applied in the wrong proportions or in the wrong sequence without understanding the context, you’re just not going to get the results you should get. So bear with me, OK? Be a little patient as we talk you through this process, I promise. It may seem like it’s going to take a long time, but it’s really not. And you need to invest the time on the front end. And these introduction is just the beginning.

Now, don’t forget, there’s also private Facebook group. We’re only covered selling formula members are allowed. So there is a link on this page where you can request access. Introduce yourself to the group. I’ll also be there saying hi and answering questions, et cetera. We’ve also had some people already asking, can I get on one of the hot seats so you can review my cover formal implementation. We’ll send out some information as we get a little deeper into the program so you can apply.

But yes, you can definitely apply for a hot seat. So that’s how the program is going to be laid out. Again, each one module per week, each week, if you happen to fall behind, don’t worry. The training isn’t going anywhere. I’m not going anywhere. We’re going to make sure that you continue being taken care of. I promise we’re not going to leave you hanging. That’s my absolute promise. OK, cool. See you soon.

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