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We’re going to discuss features that are exclusive to Yast SEO premium, when you go premium, you get access to a couple of extra things. First of all, 24/7 support. We have an awesome support team around the world ready to answer your e-mails at anytime. We get back to you as fast as we can. The support team can help you with setup questions and with particular questions about problems you’ve encountered. But of course, the premium plugin offers fantastic features besides support.

First of all, social previews. You already know the snippet. Preview. That’s a Yoast SEO. Well, the premium plugin offers you the same functionality for social sharing. The social preview show you what your page will look like when you share it on Facebook or Twitter. Like in this example. Another awesome premium feature is that you can enter related key phrases in our free plugin. You can optimize each post for one key phrase and use as your premium.

You can enter for additional key phrases that are related to your focus, key phrase. The checks for these key phrases will be less strict than for your focus. Key phrase, because that’s the most important one. Using related key phrases is important because Google has been getting better at recognizing relationships between words and topics. It relates them to each other and uses them to better understand your text. Another cool feature of yours is your premium is that it recognizes different word forms if you optimize for the key phrase.

Sturdy shoe, for example. It will also recognize sturdier shoes. This includes singulars, plurals, possessives, comparatives and different tenses. This means you can use different forms of your focus, key phrase, and the analysis will still be able to recognize them. There’s also great support for the use of synonyms. You don’t have to use the exact same key phrase to get positive feedback. If you enter robust footwear as a synonym to sturdy shoes, the check’s in the premium plugin account for that in the assessment.

This enables you to write engaging, readable and findable texts. Yoast SEO Premium also shows suggestions for internal links in real time while you’re writing your newest post. The plugin analyzes your text. It considers all the other content you’ve already created. How much is your new post to relevant pages on your site? Making good use of relevant internal links strengthens your side structure, which is good for SEO. Optimizing the internal linking structure is a bit like the secret tool of most experienced CEOs when they get to a site either large or small.

They start with this looking at what pages should rank for what and how they’re going to make that pan. Page rank for that a lot better. You really need great internal linking. The internal linking to Yoast seo your premium helps you by suggesting possible links. This will help you reach the full ranking potential of your Web site. The premium plugin also gives you more insights into your content. Like which words you’ve used the most? On a page or in a post, we just count the words, which sounds pretty simple.

Well, it is simple. It can give you very valuable insights to further optimize your post. For instance, it might make you realize that you’re writing about one word a lot more than the focus. Key phrase. You were actually aiming to write your post about. With that in mind, you can adjust your text and focus more on the key phrase you chose. Another premium feature is the redirect manager, which helps you to create proper redirects, setting redirects might sound easy, but WordPress itself doesn’t offer that functionality.

You know, Sachiel Premium makes it super easy to redirect a user from one year old to another when they visit your site. The redirect manager also looks out for redirects that you might need. So when you delete a page, it will ask you, Hey, you’ve just deleted this page, where should I redirect to? Or if you’ve changed a category name, it will ask you if you want to redirect the old category, your URL to the new URL.

This feature helps you keep your site nice and clean. Last but not least, when you buy Yoast SEO premium. All of those becomes ad free in the back end of your site. We usually showed them ads to highlight our services and products. We find them as annoying as you do. But we need to sell. To be able to continue making the awesome stuff we do. So when you go premium, we remove all those ads. This also makes the backend easier to use for your clients.

So we’ve discussed the premium features of our plugin. We’ll explain them further in the rest of this course. Now, what you need to understand is that all of these premium features are awesome when you actually want to make an effort to optimize your site


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